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I gotta give respect where it is due

Paul Abair and his team especially Heidi Valdez and Austin Abair at Armed Forces Bank are the real deal.
I had previously contacted multiple lenders after getting the run around, fluctuating loan estimates and uncertain rates/points from of course...a local-realtor-recommended lender with whom I had been approved. I decided to stick it out with the previous lender because I told myself we were too far in but the final disclosure came in and the costs were absurd. The rates were way HIGHER even with 1.75 points. Talk about getting blindsided by random fees! Throughout this whole process Paul provided free insight and gave me much of his time/advice just to help out even though I was getting a loan from another lender. I found that very refreshing and Paul truly had my trust. 30 something days before closing, I called him in the literal 4th quarter and I got locked in for a multi-family home investment rate that was LOWER with NO points. You heard that right! He will compete to earn your business. Don't let anyone tell you this loan is better than that loan.
A loan is a loan... but having the right Loan Officer matters! I submitted my documents ONCE and there was no back and forth & no asking for things here and there, saving me a lot of time and sparing me from many headaches. The process could not have been smoother and it was the easiest financing/loan process I've done (of maybe 5/6th different lenders). To top it all off, he and Heidi got me the Clear to Close TWO WEEKS EARLY!
Throughout, Paul and Heidi were responsive, communicative and very helpful. They actually make you feel like they only got your loan going on and that you are their only customer. Thank you so much Paul/Heidi. Once I recharge my wallet, let's do it again, Paul and Armed Forces Bank! If you're thinking about real estate or investing, give Paul a shout. I am so happy with how this went down that I am willing to speak to you personally about my experience with AFB and Paul Abair. Reach out! -VT

Consistent Quality

This is the second time I've financed through Paul and The Abair Team. Paul makes everything easy. Highly recommended!

There when it really counts

Without them, I wouldn't have been able to have provided my family with a home.

To Infinite and Beyond

My loan officer was Paul and his assistant Holly. My loan was a huge challenge due to a few factors I was unaware of. But my team went above and beyond and worked down to the day of closing to get me a home loan. I am forever indebted to my team. Their very hard work and positive attitude really helped me get through this process without too many headaches. I would absolutely recommend The Abair Team to anyone needing a home loan. Thank you.

Near Perfect Service

I almost never give a ten for anything, just me being a snob, but they were
fantastic. The individual whom i worked with ( Mr. Abair) was fantastic,
extremely knowledgeable and jumped through every hoop he could to answer
my questions and get me into the finest loan he could find.

My Go To

Paul Abair at Armed Forces Bank is a great lender and I trust him with all my transactions! He and his team are on top of things all the time and respond in a timely manner. Thank you all for the team work and great job getting my clients to the closing table.

Thank you for a fantastic experience

I couldn't have asked for a better experience financing my first home through Paul and The Abair Team. Paul Abair made a daunting undertaking as clear and smooth as possible.
Every time I had a question, Paul answered almost immediately--even, one or two times, on the
weekend. I felt I was in extremely capable and caring hands, and if I learn that any of my
friends or colleagues are looking to purchase a house, I'm going to strongly recommend that
they speak with Paul.

Drama and Hassle Free

As the listing agent, I was kept fully informed throughout the transaction via text messages and email messages. It was a very good experience. No drama, no hassle!

Professional Service

Thanks to Paul and team for walking me through the process.  Very professional

Clarity and Patience

My experience with the Paul Abair Team was outstanding.  They spoke to me in plain language and made sure I understood what the process would be throughout.  I appreciete the patience and care with which I was treated.

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